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More than just food...

by Ashley L.

There were some aspects of my wedding where it really only mattered what my fiancé and I preferred. When it came to the colors, the flowers, and the centerpieces, I didn’t necessarily have to take anyone else into consideration. I like roses so that was the main feature of my bouquet. We wanted an elegant evening wedding, therefore my fiancé and I decided on silver, black, and red for our colors. However, when it came to feeding our guests, it wasn’t only about the foods that my fiancé and I like.

We wanted our guests to enjoy themselves at our reception, and let’s be honest; food is a big part of that! I would have hated to find out that my guests didn’t enjoy their meal or any of the appetizers that were passed around during the cocktail hour.

My fiancé and I felt like it was important to find a caterer that could serve a variety of foods both during the cocktail hour and on the buffet line. We had some guests that are vegetarian and a few that are gluten free. I definitely wanted to make sure we could accommodate them, but still ensure they had a delicious meal!

Not only did we want to find a caterer that could serve a delicious variety of food, we wanted to make sure we were able to sample some before the wedding! My fiancé and I would have been devastated to be at our reception and discover the meal we paid for wasn’t up to our standards! Always have a tasting with your chosen caterer, though I recommend having tastings with a few different caterers to make sure you’re finding exactly what you’re looking for.

I truly feel like an excellent caterer can take your wedding to the next level in success. Make sure you’re getting not only what you and your fiancé love, but what your guests will also love!Type your paragraph here.

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